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"If you want to understand the universe(life), think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration," said Nikola Tesla...or did he? Word is out that he never said this....but a facebook meme did. :) It's the same with that other facebook meme stating Edgar Cayce said that sound would be the medicine of the future.  Apparently he did not.

  Every cell, every thought, every word, every layer of our energy field, our very being as a whole, all have their own healthy vibrations.  When anything or any being or any place is "out of tune," then disharmony or imbalance results.  Sound Therapy can de-stress and calm or invigorate where needed. When the body is able to relax and unwind, it strengthens the immune system. Think of how you feel when listening to a positive, upbeat song, or listening to a slower, more pensive melody.  You know how calming it is to stand by the ocean or to walk in the woods on a quiet morning with the birds singing. You see, you already do know about the therapeutic value of sound. That is why so many brilliant people throughout antiquity have reminded us that all of life is music.  But there is so much more to using sound for health and creating the life you desire. And don't let the skeptics tell you it's new age woo. Science and technology have proven the validity of sound and specific frequencies to heal and positively impact the human body.  Much research and documentation is now available.  For one example check out the TED talk on youtube by Anthony Holland and pulsed frequencies imploding MRSA virus cells, pancreatic and ovarian cancer cells.  Most people know of shockwave lithotripsy to break up kidney stones and gall stones, as well.  Of course, sound therapists are not using sound at those frequencies.  

When we understand that everything is energy, we are able to make healthier choices with regard to what we hear, what we see or watch, what we want in relationships, what we want to surround us, and what we will eat and drink.  High frequency foods give health, life and energy. Too many low frequency foods destroy life, health and energy.  One of the most important things any of us can do in the health care arena, whether allopathic or holistic, is to properly nourish not only the mind and spirit but the body as well.  

Sound is the energy of creation.  What do you want to create or create more of in your life? What do you want to bring in to your life or to let go? 

Are you a holistic practitioner? Massage Therapist? Reiki practitioner? Yoga Instructor? Consider adding Sound Therapy to your practice.  I have classes designed specifically for beginning to use sound therapy in your work or as a stand alone modality.  Besides myself, there are two certified ReikiSound TM Instructors, Natalie Bliss and Julie Moffitt.  Further information on Natalie's work in the Philadelphia area can be found at  and Julie at Also assisting me is Licensed Massage Therapist and Sound Therapist Deborah Eisenhart of York and Drum Circle Facilitator, Teacher and Sound Therapist Lisa Fairman of Lancaster and owner of Earth Rhythms in West Reading.   In the near future Dani Fiore has agreed to help with our new upcoming sound curriculum in 2019. 

Please understand that there is so much more to using sound as therapy than imitating something you have seen done on youtube or observed someone else doing.  Like one of the well-known international sound teachers said, "there is so much more to a sound practice than banging or rimming a bowl, or mimicking what you have seen someone else do.  Get adequate training and at least a fundamental understanding of what sound therapy is.  And stop perpetuating the myths that get posted on facebook and the rest of the internet!"   And please know and understand that sound therapy is not music therapy. 


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