The Heartfull Holistic Business Practice
Event date: November 26, 2018 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
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The "business as usual" ways just aren't working as we embrace a new economy, a new earth, a new direction in consciousness for more heart-centered guidelines.  Some business "laws" are timeless, but others are fading away. This is a 4 hour workshop covering some of those timeless business basics to help you grow your practice, achieve your goals and be the best.  We will write a mission and vision statement, look at effective and affordable ways to promote and advertise your practice, delve into cultivating and maintaining a professional practice of excellence and integrity, working collaboratively and inclusively,  the law of reciprocity and karma, and an open forum for networking and discussion in sharing what works for you, what you need help with, sharing resources and ideas.

The fee or investment to attend this workshop is determined by each individual attendee, in other words by heart-guided donation or love offering after a $20.00 registration fee is paid.   If you cannot afford the $20 registration fee, please contact me privately.   Accepting the first ten students to register. Held at Soundwise Health Studio at 313 W. Liberty St., Suite 2667, Lancaster, Pa.  Plenty of free parking.  Class is half-filled as of 11/3/18.

This workshop draws on my experience of developing and teaching the 23 hour business currciulum at two area massage schools and maintaining a successful holistic healing center for 11 years, as well as mentoring many students and other entrepreneurs over the past 20 years.  In addition, I am committed to ongoing education in the business aspect of holistic health practice.